Eat Pray Hustle Book + Digital Study Bundle

Eat Pray Hustle Book + Digital Study Bundle

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Eat Pray Hustle is a 20 day Bible study derived from the life of Abraham. He was a man just like us, and he was on the road to his promise. He had a dream deposited in him as a seed, and he was doing everything he could to help it grow. He was eating, praying, and hustling most days… just like many of us!

This whole study is designed to help you understand the attributes of a God Dream. We will uncover what a Dream Chaser looks like and the signs of your greatest dreams revealed. We will expose what Dream Killers look like and what we can do to stay protected. We will learn to nurture the dream, care for it and live it out. Understanding these truths will change your life and give you a lasting legacy of fulfilled promise. Why wait any longer to chase your God dreams? You can start today!

+ 20 Days of Video Lessons
+ 4 full-length teachings 
+ Eat Pray Hustle book
+ Access to community forums
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Like talking with a friend!

I loved the style of writing in this book—like talking with a friend. Definitely an encouragement!

Loved his Book!

I enjoyed reading this book and will purchase more as gifts.

Eat Pray Hustle

I purchased this book from Amazon to read with my sister and our Bible Study Group. All opinions are my own. ?????????? Eat Pray Hustle: Dream Chasing God's Way by Havilah Cunnington. Dream chasing can be tricky. Finding your dream, building your dream, living your dream, protecting your dream, which season of life are you in? Do you think conquering all your dreams at once is the plan? One at a time? Patience, practice, protection are all very important dream building steps, this 20 day Bible Study derived from the life of Abraham is designed to help you understand the signs that will lead you down the path to your great dreams.


If you need confidence or feel lost, this study will empower you to go after things that have been placed on your heart, and help you better understand the relationship God wants to have with you, and the ways he wants to bless you.

Dreams fulfilled

This book is one of the many that I have read by this same author. My relationship with God, walk with Jesus, and understanding of myself have improved. Suddenly I thirst for the word and call on it in times of need. The strength of the Holy Spirit has become easier to feel in my times of need. This workbook is a must for those looking for spiritual growth.