I Do Boundaries

I Do Boundaries

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In this 15-day study, Bible teacher Havilah Cunnington shows us how to embrace our power through the influence of ownership. Through the study of Jesus’ life, we’ll see how He implemented personal boundaries, which enabled His success. And how we can do the same! With daily activations and reminders after every chapter, you’ll walk away with the confidence to discover your power, protect what matters most, and thrive even in your hardest relationships.

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Julie Ware
Excellent teaching

I have appreciated how Havilah breaks up the boundaries concepts into bite sized pieces. I have been enjoying her deep insights into what boundaries are and why God has not only given us them but desires for us to stick to them so we can be healthier and more productive for Him. I am tired of being tired. And I no longer want to give up my calendar for those outside my “yard” of influence.

Kristal Caraveo
Loved it and recommend it!

I am on my third round of this study and have purchased at least a dozen copies for friends and family.

Great study with practical applications that can truly change the way you live!

Susan Rieks
Group Study

We are starting today. Our weekly group will do a “day” each week. Then practice it and come back with how it helped them!

Tahnee Suttles
I Do Boundaries

I Do Boundaries was an awesome teaching and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I have recently become a caretaker of a family member with great need, both physically and mentally. It has been a challenge to juggle home life with husband, daughter and now caretaker, but knowing my boundaries and knowing what belongs in my yard and what does not belong in my yard has been so freeing. Thank you so so much for sharing your biblical insight and experience with us through this teaching. So thankful!!!

Angela T.
Amazing reminder of God’s truth.

This is the third book I’ve read of Havilah’s. She makes it easy to understand how to implement boundaries into your daily life (and to not feel bad about doing so but realizing it’s a healthy step!). I love the journal prompts at the end of each day. She relates well to her readers and makes you feel understood.