Parenting Sexuality Course

Parenting Sexuality Course

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Whether or not you feel like it, you are the best person to teach your kids about sex.

God has given you your children to raise, and you are the safest, most trustworthy place for them to talk about life’s difficult topics. We want to encourage you and equip you to start the conversation about sexuality with your kids if you haven’t already.

Here's everything included: 

    • 6 main sessions w/Havilah (20-25 minutes each)
    • Q&A Panel for Children (2-11 years old)
    • Q&A Panel for Teens (12-18 years old)
    • Bonus interview with Havilah + Danny Silk (teens)
    • Bonus interview with Britney Serpell (toddlers +)
    • Digital course guide
    • Access to community forum
    • Hot topic videos (8 topical deep dive videos)
    • MP3 audio of all main sessions
    • Age-based development PDFs
    • Age-based recommended resources PDFs




Havilah Cunnington is a speaker, author, wife, and mother to four boys. She prayed a simple but passionate prayer as a young woman saying, “God if You can use anyone, You’re welcome to use me.” She is now a speaker and author of several bible studies including Radical Growth, I Do Hard Things, The Good Stuff, and Eat. Pray. Hustle. She loves the Word and consistently looks for ways to make it accessible to all, no matter their background or busy schedule. With over twenty years of full-time ministry experience, she believes today is the Church’s finest hour if we choose to live with passion and purpose, walking in power. Like any true Italian, Havilah loves filling a table with good food and close friends, but her greatest joy is spending time with her husband, Ben, and their four young sons: Judah, Hudson, Grayson, and Beckham.