Discovering & Activating My Spiritual Gifts

Discovering & Activating My Spiritual Gifts

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In this 15-day study, Havilah unpacks the nine spiritual gifts that are accessible to every believer and how to activate them in practical ways. Whether you are a new believer or seasoned in faith, this study will help uncomplicate spiritual truths that often leave you wondering if signs, wonders, and miracles can still happen in your life today.
In Discovering & Activating Your Spiritual Gifts, your spirit will be awakened to live as Jesus did: continually guided by the Holy Spirit, connected to the Father, and confident in God’s ability to show up when we put our faith in Him. This is your ultimate guide to living the Spirit-led life. 
  • How do I know which spiritual gifts I have in my life?
  • How do I practically activate these gifts in my life?
  • How do I confidently use these gifts in an everyday way?
  • How do I gain a biblical understanding of signs, wonders, and miracles?  

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Autumn Murphy

Discovering & Activating My Spiritual Gifts

Tamblyn Manley

Discovering & Activating My Spiritual Gifts

Another amazing study

I've done the last few years of free studies to start my year off right and they never fail to disappoint. I was taught many things with this study that I can now apply to my everyday spiritual life

Kim Anderson
Spiritual Gifts Study

This study was extremely helpful for me. I knew about spiritual gifts but this study definitely gave me more insight. It’s also help me to see new gifts that I have and how to cultivate those gifts.

Kendra Barrow
Always something new to learn

Although I consider myself to be someone who's been operating in spiritual gifts and experienced for the last 25 years, there were still lots of new things that I learned in reading this book! I think part of it is that we tend to focus on the things we naturally gravitate toward and ignore some of the others that feel too hard or uncomfortable. That's what was so great about this book. Having an overview and having a few things to grab onto in areas I have not explored. Also now I have a grid to group all those spiritual gifts into whether they fit "to know, say, or do."