I Dream Big

I Dream Big

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I Dream Big. A Bible study to discover your purpose, break free from disappointment, and chase dreams God's way. 

In this 20-day study, Bible teacher Havilah Cunnington will come alongside you, build you up, and show you the pathway for chasing dreams with God. 

You’ll dig deep into the story of Abraham, a man just like us who was on the road to his promise. 

By the end, you’ll walk away…

  • Full of vision - Expanding your idea of what’s possible and embracing the dream of God for you that’s bigger than you can imagine.

  • With hope restored - Letting go of past disappointment and learning what to do when the dream looks different than you thought.

  • Connected to your purpose - Understanding how God reveals His dreams to you so that you can live a life of purpose.

  • Living in partnership with God - Learning what it looks like to dream big dreams and chase after them with God for a lifetime.

Understanding the truths in this study will change your life and give you a lasting legacy of fulfilled promise. 

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