Truth To Table is a non-profit organization started by our family in January 2016.

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with the truth of God’s Word through video based products, practical resources, and lifestyle tools.

Our vision is to inspire you to practical, wholehearted devotion to Christ. We’ve created many video based learning tools and books to help you follow along. We hope you start wherever you find yourself today and grow a vibrant relationship with God.

We want to invite you to grab a virtual seat at our kitchen table. Wherever you find yourself in life, we believe the next steps are worth taking. Truth to Table is all about discovering who God created you to be and how to move forward into your amazing destiny.

*Truth To Table is religious 501c3 non-profit and is solely run on donations and subscriptions. We have a passion to produce high quality products to help the world learn about God in excellent ways. Any funds donated to Truth To Table are handled in an honorable way and used for the operating expenses to develop, produce, and create video studies and other learning material.