Leap Into Love PDF

Leap Into Love PDF

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*This product is the digital version of the Leap Into Love book. If you would like to purchase the physical version, click this link.
Leap Into Love is a guidebook to helping followers of Jesus learn how radical love and acceptance of their physical frame could change their whole lives. Exploring the conflict between a projected worldview of beauty and unchangeable features God gave you. We will take a fresh look at how evidence of self-rejection shows up in our everyday lives, the power of making a conscious and intentional choice to embrace ourselves and how this choice makes us radical agents of chance in the world around us. 
Havilah will guide you by exploring scripture (and maybe having a good laugh or cry) in a fresh liberating journey. In a world obsessed with physical beauty and idyllic models, could we actually be a role model in a radical movement of loving the person God created you to be? 
Topics We Will Cover 
  • What is Evidence of Self Rejection? 

  • Growing in Self Acceptance

  • Accepting Our Bodies 

  • Distributing Radical Love 

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