The Good Stuff Book + Digital Study Bundle

The Good Stuff Book + Digital Study Bundle

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When you taste the good stuff, you just know it. The Word of God, when used correctly and applied humbly, will taste sweeter than the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. It will leave you fuller than you’ve ever felt. The richness and quality will find no equal in your life. So, let’s feast on the goodness of God and the Word He has given us. He has truly brought us to a banqueting table!

“No matter your age or history in God, I encourage you to get the good stuff of the Word on your training belt – in your vocabulary, your bones, and in your spiritual muscles – so you can be renewed and empowered to finish your race strong!” -Havilah Cunnington


+ 21 Days of Video Lessons 
+ The Good Stuff book
+ Access to community forums