The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

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The Good Stuff study is a 20-day guidebook to finishing strong! Many of us are great at starting things, but not so fantastic at finishing them. In Hebrews 12, it says we are to strip down, start running and never quit! So, how do we do this? How do we run our race in such a way that honors God, and leaves us successfully crossing the finish line?  

In this four-part series, I invite you to explore what God’s Word has to say about four key areas in our lives: our mind, our will, our words, and our enemy. When we are fully engaged in these areas, we can’t help but finish well. No matter your age or history in God, I encourage you to get the good stuff of the Word on your training belt – in your vocabulary, your bones, and in your spiritual muscles – so you can be renewed and empowered to finish your race strong!

**This book contains daily prayers, confessions and actions steps to guide you through the 20-day process.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Pamela Ricketts
Not sure yet!

Christmas gift. Have not given yet!

Karen P.
Highly recommend

Great book. Short studies and to the point.

Five Stars

Love the book, easy read loved what I learned during the journey of reading it.

Leah Sookoo
Havilah throws a powerful punch. And it's delicious.

Havilah's The Good Stuff study book is gorgeous, inside and out. Every morsel of wisdom is deliciously presented in excellence, beauty and power. I relished in every clever title, the layout and design, the way she articulates herself while telling stories as well as the knowledge she gives about scriptures. I can tell that she patiently discovers more of God and then generously shares what truths she has been shown. She is such a servant, submitted to God in every way, and that shines through in her writing as she gives away everything just so that we may have freedom from her experiences. I am so grateful for this study book, as well as her ministry and her teachings. This woman is a powerhouse of humility, passion, grace and has so much authority to break off lies of disempowerment, shame from the past, and anything holding you back from what you truly deserve: a life of victory, abundant love, and freedom.Do yourself a favour: get this book. This is the best of the best. Fill yourself with the good stuff. You won't regret it.

Five Stars

A wonderful book; lots of insight and thought provoking information. Really good for groups.